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Before My Husband’S Funeral Was Over, My Mother-In-Law Demanded For The Turning Over His Assets To Her, But Something Happened



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I’m a woman in my mid-50s. I grew up in a poor family and could not attend school properly. My father died very early, and since my mom was alone, I had to work with her because it was too hard to make a living during those times. Still, I thought that I had to study in order to get a better job and earn money.

Thus, during the day, I worked on the farm with my mother, and I studied at night. I was able to pass the GED examinations. I didn’t want to stop there and wanted to go to college, but I didn’t think I could handle the amount of study I had to do for the tuition. My mother noticed my worries, and one day she handed me a savings account bank book. “This is the installed money I had put in for you.

The amount of money isn’t much, but it’ll be enough to attend a technical college for one year. If you study hard, you might not be able to attend the four-year University, but at least the technical college, wouldn’t you? So give it a try. I’m sorry for not being able to help you more than this.” I was overwhelmed by my mother’s deep love, so I held on to her bank book and cried for a long time and thanked her.

From that day, I made up my mind to study hard, and after one year, I was able to enter a technical college. My mom was so happy for me that I did well, and I thanked my mom again, and she had tears of joy. My college life was demanding because I had to combine my studies with working part-time to earn money, but I was happy thinking that I could get a higher paying job upon graduation. And finally, after graduating, I got a job in the administration department of a large hospital.

The day I got my first paycheck, I bought my mother a present. I also bought ample cube steaks. “Mom, have some more. It’s not only cube steaks, but I’ll work hard to make a lot of money so I could buy you T-bone steaks later.” Then my mother put a piece of meat into my mouth instead. “I don’t like T-bone steaks. This is more delicious. You just save your money for your future.” She smiled at me. Even though she said it like that, she seemed to be very happy.

Now that the pay I brought home increased quite a bit, I always reported to work earlier than anyone else in the hospital. My boss, who saw me working hard like that, especially gave me some leeways for me, such as when my mom was sick, he made sure she was well taken care of and provided many perks on the job.

Most of my friends had more negative memories from their first job, but I considered myself very lucky since I had a lot more good memories. Also, I happened to meet my husband there. My husband came to our hospital often because he was doing the interior construction of the hospital, single and VIP rooms for the patients. Then one day, he asked me out on a date.

“Yvonne, I’ll start by telling the truth. I was married once. It’s embarrassing, but my family harassed my wife so much that our relationship became worse between her and me, and we ended up getting divorced. I am talking about them because I want to date you seriously.” I liked the way he confidently revealed his past, but because he was the owner of the interior construction company, I thought he didn’t fit in with me.

“I don’t care about the past like that, but I’m worried that I have nothing compared to you.” “It’s okay, Yvonne. It’s not that you can’t do your job and you don’t lack anything. So why? I think it’s best to be good at what’s interested in you in your position, rather than a title. That’s your reason. I think it’s ridiculous.” Due to his persistence, I eventually agreed to date him, and that ended up in our getting married.

After setting a wedding date, my husband promised me, “I have no intention of letting my family interfere in our newlywed life, so don’t be upset if I don’t invite my family to our wedding.” I know what you mean, but since we are getting married, should I still meet your parents? It’s not that simple. Although they are my parents, they’re really greedy. They’re the ones who really make it hard on others.

I don’t want to repeat the same mistake as in my past again, so let’s keep it simple by doing it only by ourselves.” “I said yes and I told my husband’s thoughts to my mother. Then she said, “To be honest, I don’t know why he didn’t invite his parents to the wedding, but I decided to be understanding because how bad it must have been for him to be like that. As long as my daughter is happy, it’s okay for me to just have prayers at the wedding.

Even so, do whatever you guys feel comfortable with.” She tried to look at the situation positively, and my husband gave my mom a big hug, saying, “Mother, there must be many things you probably do not like about me, but thank you so much for your kind understanding. You probably wanted to see your one and only daughter get married by inviting more people and see her receive love from her parents-in-law, but I am sorry.

This is all I could do.” “It’s fine. As long as you two are happy, please be sure to make a good family. Never make my daughter be unhappy because Yvonne grew up struggling and working too much because of her poor parents. Now you have to take the responsibility and make her life more comfortable and happier.”

So we had a simple but very happy wedding. My husband got us a nice house on the outskirts of the city, beautifully decorated like a house in a fairy tale. “Wow, wow, I really, really get to live in a house like this?” When I showed how happy I was, he said, “Then this is your house. We will live here starting from today.” He smiled with a happy face. We really lived blissfully. My husband strictly cut off any contact from his family and never told them where we lived. Once my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to our neighborhood and were looking for me. I happened to run into them on the street.

Even my in-laws knew the neighborhood we lived in, but I didn’t think they knew where our house was located. “Are you that fox who tricked my son into cutting off his ties with his own family?” They started to scream at me on the street.

I was so shocked and ashamed. When I called my husband, he told me he would come to me right away and never let them into our house. When I asked them to go buy a nearby cafe, my sister-in-law yelled at me, “Hey, do you think we came all the way out here to go to a cafe? Go to your house right now, take us. I want to see how well you are living there.” She shouted as if she was talking to a hired hand. Passersby stared, and people in the houses opened their windows to look at us.

I had no choice but to hold on and endure the embarrassment. Going home is not something I can do on my own. My husband told me to take them to a nearby cafe. When I said that, the two recklessly grabbed me and shook me. “What are you saying? When you bewitched a man around your fingers, what do you mean you can’t do it on your own? Are you using that as your excuse? Hurry up, let’s go and say.”

They were yelling at me. My husband came, “Stop it! What the hell are you doing? Do you think I’ll let you people know where I will live? Leave now, or I’ll report to the police for violence.” When he yelled at them, only then did they let go of my arm and left. They didn’t forget to threaten me too. My husband said he couldn’t put up with them, and he put the house up for sale right away. I was so sorry to sell our dream house. “Can’t we just live here since you said that today? I don’t think your mother or your sister will come again.” “You’re saying this because you don’t know them.

Since they found us and came all the way to this town, they’ll come to our house next time.” When we ended up selling our house, and we had to move out, and I solely regretted it. The newly moved condominium was also really pretty because my husband decorated it with care. He especially paid more attention because he felt bad that I missed our previous house so much. I was so grateful to my husband for caring about me so deeply like that. “You didn’t have to do this much, but thank you.”

When I said that to my husband, he said, “No, it’s all because of my family that I turned out like this. I don’t want to ever hurt you this time.” And he patted my back. We moved into the condo and lived happily as newlyweds for about a year. Then one day, my husband told me with a serious face that he had something to discuss. I was very nervous because it was the first time I saw him like that. “Actually, I got a call from my ex-wife. She is going to New Zealand after getting remarried, but the man says he hates children, and she tells me to take Jamie.” My ex-wife grew up in an orphanage, so she has no family.

Actually, I thought it would be better for my daughter to live with her mother, so I held back even though I wanted to bring her. “Couldn’t we just let Jamie live with us?” “Why are you worrying so much about that? Of course, you should bring her. It’s your daughter. Her daddy is here, so where will she go? Were you afraid I won’t understand that too?” When I said that, my husband held my hands tightly and kept saying thank you.

My husband and I brought his daughter to our home. We told Jamie that her mother was ill and that she had to go far to get treatment. The child, who will be entering elementary school next year, kept looking at us rarely. “Jamie, now this is your home as well as our home. So relax, and if there is anything you want to do or have, please tell me.” When I said that, the child’s eyes welled up with tears and just nodded.

The child was gentle and had a bright personality, so the more I saw her, the more I became fond of her and thought she was so pretty. I treated the child carefully so as not to hurt her feelings. It seemed that she understood my feelings for her, and she grabbed my hand and went to her friends and announced, “This is my mommy.

Isn’t she so pretty?” When she said that, I was really in tears. I devoted myself to her as if I had given birth to my daughter. She was so pretty, even though we were not related. I really thought of her as my own daughter, and she must have known that too. That she called me mommy, mommy, and she said all the lovely expressions in the world.

As time passed, I also got pregnant and gave birth to two sons one after another. When there were many children in the house, it suddenly became noisy. Even though my daughter was young, she would always stand by my side and help me whenever I was in trouble, caring for my two sons. Even when the children were grown, my daughter never said that her mother was a different person because she really was my daughter.

My two sons also liked their sister very much. It was really hectic at the time when the children were growing up, but it was a very happy time. When my daughter went to college and my sons went to middle school, my husband started to have some bad symptoms in his body. I took my husband to the hospital because he lost weight and became nauseous, and the doctor said it was stage three of stomach cancer.

For a moment, I became dizzy, and everything blacked out in shock. “I’ll know exactly when I do the surgery, but I don’t think the prognosis will be good,” the doctor’s word. I sobbed secretly without my husband’s knowledge. Even so, my husband kept saying he was sorry that I was having a hard time because of him. My family fell into instant grief. My husband had to go through a very difficult operation.

We did the surgery, but it’s important to have chemotherapy treatment. You will have to get hold of yourself very seriously. The doctor just said that and went back into the operating room. I started to spend some rough days nursing my husband. My daughter helped me a lot by taking a leave of absence from school. But my husband’s condition got worse. I decided that I couldn’t wait and contacted my husband’s family because they shouldn’t be in the blind that my husband was dying. But my mother-in-law said, as soon as I contacted her, that she was taking my sons.

Fool, you’re so good. Would my son get sick? He only cared about Jamie and leached off of your husband. I cannot allow my grandsons to be left like that, mother. What do you mean? He’s sick right now, so you have to give him a word of comfort. How could you say you are taking my kids suddenly like that? I don’t need a son who won’t see me, and I don’t even need a girl either. Grandsons are different.

They are our blood.” She said that and unilaterally took my sons out of the house and just took all their stuff. It happened suddenly when my daughter and I were both in the hospital and busy. My mother-in-law cut off contact with me after taking my sons. I had been asking everywhere, trying to bring back my children.

I ended up getting an attorney with a promise that they will be returned once my husband is recovered. At that time, I had to be satisfied with that. First of all, it was very difficult enough because of my husband, and the money was running out. My daughter supplemented our living expenses by working a part-time job. It was like seeing my old self again, which made me feel so sad for her. Our family’s financial situation was getting worse, and my husband’s condition wasn’t improving.

That was how I had been holding out for about a year. Suddenly, my daughter’s biological aunt came to visit me. She said she was adopted to England alone after she and her sister Jaime’s birth mother were abandoned by their biological mother at an orphanage. She found her sister but found out that she died from an accident in New Zealand a few years ago. So she was asking for her permission to live with Jaime temporarily on her sister’s behalf. In return, she said she would help us with our hospital bills and living expenses.

No matter how difficult it was for me, I refused her money because I thought I was sending my child away for money. But she didn’t give up and came to see me every day and begged me. Seeing that, my daughter spoke out. “Mom, I’ll come back after living with my aunt. It’s not like we are saying goodbye forever, and I’ll be coming back after living with my aunt only for a few years. Well, if you want to, you can do that.

But I don’t want to take her money. Seems like we are exchanging you for money. Don’t say that and just take it. She just wants to help because she’s thinking of us.” My daughter comforted me like an adult, and after a while, left for England with her biological aunt. Frankly, the money sent by my daughter’s aunt was substantial, so it was a big help. I devoted more attention to my husband’s care and kept in touch with my sons. However, at first, my sons used to call often, but eventually, they stopped calling.

A few years later, my husband passed away from cancer that had spread throughout his body. In the meantime, my sons entered college and went into the army without my knowledge. It was a pity that I couldn’t take care of them during that time. From now on, I thought I should do everything I couldn’t do before. But my son said they wouldn’t come back to me. “This is what we decided on our own, so don’t make a fuss by bringing up all about the promissory contract to our grandmother, and don’t threaten her with it.

” When my eldest son said that, my younger son also said bluntly, “Mom, I heard that Jamie is not our real sister, right? She’s the daughter of the ex-wife of our dad, and she ran away. But how could you take care of someone else’s daughter and not us? Is it because she’s a female like you? What kind of nonsense is that? I’ve never raised you any differently.” When I said it, my eldest son snorted. “We know everything now, so stop it. We heard it all from our grandma. You kept dad from seeing his family and left us with our grandma and made a big show.” I was so stunned that I kept repeating many times that it wasn’t true, but it was useless because my sons already believed what my in-laws said was the truth.

My second son sarcastically said as if to mock me, “Now have a good life alone. Don’t come looking for us.” Then he left with his brother, and a few days later, my mother-in-law came, and she blatantly asked me to give her my husband’s assets. “I know you have the money you made from destroying my son. Give me that right now. Give it up because you don’t deserve it. Give it to me, mother.” “I have no money because I spent it all for his hospital bills, and I work at a mart because I don’t have enough living expenses.

” “Don’t you think I can’t even search for my son’s assets? You better give them before I do a background check.” She shouted at me, and my sons also called me to give money to their grandmother. “Mom, you enjoyed that much of a good life. You should give the rest to our grandmother. You should have a conscience too.” I could put up with everything else except when my sons misunderstood me.

It was too hard for me to take it and broke my heart. I searched through my husband’s bank books all night, and there was one with some balance left. Thinking that I was giving it to my sons, I handed it over to my mother-in-law, and the shares that my husband received when he transferred his interior construction company to his friend were also given to my mother-in-law. I had to start a hard life all over again.

I sold everything that could get cash in the house, but it wasn’t much, and I got a job at a restaurant and started washing dishes and making side dishes. When the work became too arduous, I used to think about my husband and cried a lot. However, my sons would come and ask me to give them some money once in a while, but the amount they were asking wasn’t small but always in thousands of dollars.

Whenever I gave them whatever I had saved up, they would cut off their contact, and when it was around the time I would forget about it, they would come and see me and demand several thousand dollars. I thought that I was guilty of all because I couldn’t raise them with my own hands, so I accepted whenever they asked for a handout. As a result, I was forced to work harder. In the end, my body was over-exerted so much that I had to quit my job. While lying in bed worrying about how to live in the future, my mother-in-law came over with my sons, and the first thing she said was for me to get out of the house.

“The kids are now graduating from college and want to do something, but they don’t have money, so what have you done for my grandsons?” “So you should give up this house, mother.” “This house can’t be sold. What do you think I’m not selling this house? This house has been fixed by my husband in every nook and cranny with his devotion. I’ll find another way.” Then my eldest son said, “What are you going to do when you can’t go to work because you are sick? Steven and I are going to start a venture company.

So shouldn’t you contribute even with one thing now that you’re a mother? How can you only think about your own life?” He burst out in anger. “Still, I want to sell this house. I’ll find out where I can get the money.” Then my second son also said, “It’s no small amount. Who will lend any money to you?” My mother-in-law and my eldest son smirked at me.

“I said I want my son’s house, so why are you blocking me? I am claiming my own right, and your kids are my grandsons. They should get the house. Thanks to my son, if you’ve been living comfortably here for a while, it’s time to step down. Even though my mother-in-law say that, I shouted, ‘Even if I do everything else, I’ll never let this house go!'” Now my mother-in-law and my sons got angry, asking how I could raise my boys at them.

They left, threatening that I will be forced to leave soon. I held on to my husband’s picture and cried all night long. I asked my husband what to do and what he would do if he were me. Then my husband appeared in my dream. He held my hand and comforted me. “Don’t worry, Yvonne. I’ll take care of everything, so just stay still. I will protect you from far away.” That was my last dream. When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t find my husband’s picture anywhere in the room. I thought it might have fallen off the table while I was asleep, so I looked for it everywhere, but I couldn’t find it.

I even looked around the house, but I couldn’t find it. And a letter from my husband was placed on the table. “Yvonne, don’t think you are alone, and don’t ever be tormented by my family or our sons. I’m always with you, and I’ll be there for you no matter what happens. They’re wrong. My beloved wife, Yvonne, never doubted your sincerity and love.

So believe in yourself and fight. Even if it’s tough, never give up, and I’ll protect you.” His comforting words came from the letter and eased my heavy heart. I felt like I was truly protected by my husband’s spirit, and I realized that I wasn’t alone.

I was going to fight, and I was going to protect my home until the end. With my husband’s spirit by my side, I would face whatever challenges came my way and never give up. I would keep fighting for the home and life that my husband and I had built together.

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