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I Can’t Be With You Again: Husband Abandoned His Disable Wife, Few Years Later He Got The Shock Of His Life



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it was late afternoon in San Francisco when Delilah and Frank Howell, married for 7 years, sat in the backyard of their comfortable home in Pacific Heights. Delilah, with a warm cup of tea in her hands, enjoyed the view of the blooming garden while Frank was engrossed in an economics book, his distant gaze betraying his frustration.

They had met in the halls of Lincoln High School, where Frank had captivated Delilah with his charisma and captivating smile. After high school, they pursued their dreams—Delilah in architecture and Frank in economics. They got married shortly after graduation, committing to support each other in their respective careers.

Delilah, with her uncommon talent for combining aesthetics and functionality, quickly rose to prominence in architecture. Together with Scarlet, her friend and partner, she established an architecture firm that quickly gained notoriety in the city. Their elegant and luxurious designs were sought after by San Francisco’s elite. However, Frank’s professional life didn’t follow the same trajectory. Despite graduating with honors in economics, luck seemed to elude him. While Delilah was designing skyscrapers, he was shelving items at a department store.

The disparity in their careers created an underlying tension, but they worked hard not to let it affect their marriage. “Delilah,” Frank said, breaking the silence, “I feel like I’m stuck. You’re up there conquering the world, and I—I’m just spinning my wheels.” She looked at him with sympathy in her blue eyes. “Frank, I believe in you. You know that. These things take time. You’re smart and talented. You’ll find something in your field. I know it.”

Though comforting, Delilah’s words failed to dispel the cloud of disappointment and dissatisfaction that hung over Frank. Three years after that day in the backyard, a new hope emerged for Delilah and Frank on a cold February morning. Delilah discovered she was pregnant. The news came as a warm, bright light in the shadow that seemed to have settled over Frank’s life. “We’re pregnant!” Delilah announced, barely containing her enthusiasm, holding the positive test.

Nine months later, little Alvin arrived, bringing a fresh breath of life to the Howell household. His blue eyes resembled his mother’s, and his toothless smile was enough to bring joy to even the greatest of days. The couple’s life continued, now with a new routine dictated by feedings and diaper changes. Delilah, even in the midst of motherhood, continued to shine in her career—working from home when Alvin slept and attending to clients at the office when Scarlet cared for the baby. She was happy, successfully balancing her role as a mother and architect.

On the other hand, Frank struggled to find satisfaction in his work. He saw his wife succeeding and being admired, while he still hadn’t secured a job in his field. Frustration began to gnaw at him. “Delilah,” Frank said one night after putting Alvin to bed, “I feel like I’m failing, failing you, failing Alvin. I don’t know how much longer I can endure this job at the store.” Hearing his words, Delilah walked up to him, held his hand, and looked into his eyes. “Frank, do you remember what I told you when we got married? We’re in this together. You’re not failing. You’re just finding your way, and I’m sure you’ll find something better soon. I believe in you.”

Delilah’s words sounded sincere, but even so, the words of comfort seemed unable to lift the weight from Frank’s chest. Alvin had just turned three. Life seemed to have settled into a predictable rhythm until the day Delilah went to visit a work in progress. The construction was to be one of San Francisco’s most luxurious buildings, but on that day, it seemed like nothing more than a maze of concrete and steel. “Please be careful, Mrs. Howell. There’s still a lot of work going on,” warned the construction foreman, a burly man with a serious expression. She smiled at him. “Don’t worry. I’m used to this,” she replied confidently.

But nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen. Walking on the steel beams and wooden stairs, Delilah stepped on a poorly placed ladder. The moment her foot slipped, she knew something was terribly wrong. She fell from a considerable height, landing with a dull thud on the concrete floor below. When she was found, she was unconscious. Rushed to the nearest hospital, she spent days in a coma, while Frank and Alvin waited anxiously for news in the hospital’s waiting room.

When Delilah woke up from the coma, life as she knew it had changed. After numerous tests and medical evaluations, the doctors delivered the news: the accident had damaged her spinal cord, and she would be confined to a wheelchair. “You’ll have to relearn many things, Delilah,” the doctor, a middle-aged man with gentle eyes, said. “But with physical therapy and determination, you can have a full and happy life.”

The words seemed to echo in her mind as she tried to process the new reality. She felt like she had been hit by a tsunami, unable to find solid ground under her feet. Frank, who had been silent until then, held her hand. “We’ll face this together, Delilah. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

The couple then faced the hardest days they had ever encountered. Despite his insecurities and frustrations, Frank became Delilah’s support pillar, helping her with her recovery while also trying to maintain the household and care for Alvin. However, the mounting tension and bitterness lurking beneath the surface threatened the delicate balance they were trying to maintain.

Amidst a routine filled with medical appointments and physical therapy sessions, Delilah found herself almost isolated from the outside world. But there was one constant, a familiar figure that appeared regularly to alleviate her loneliness: Scarlet. Scarlet, with her captivating smile, was a force to be reckoned with. Having shared a passion for architecture and the intense journey of building a successful business with Delilah, their friendship had deepened over the years.

Now, Scarlet’s presence in Delilah’s house was an assurance of laughter, joyful moments, and a bit of gossip about the world of architecture. “Delilah, you should have seen Miller’s face when I showed him our new project,” Scarlet said as they both shared a glass of wine in Delilah’s living room, her eyes sparkling with amusement and mischief. “Oh, I can imagine,” Delilah replied, her eyes reflecting a glimpse of her old self. “I’m sure he was green with envy.”

However, as time went on, Delilah began to notice a shift in the dynamic between her and Scarlet. Scarlet was becoming increasingly close to Frank—whispered conversations, unexpected encounters, long car rides for business meetings. It all began to add up, feeding a seed of doubt in Delilah’s mind. One day, watching Frank and Scarlet laughing together in the garden, a disturbing thought crossed her mind: were Frank and Scarlet more than friends?

“No, Delilah,” she told herself, shaking her head to dismiss the idea. “Scarlet is my friend, and

Frank is my husband. They would never do that to me.” But even as she tried to convince herself, a part of her couldn’t help but question the seed of suspicion planted.

Delilah was about to embark on a path that could change everything once again. Now, the seed of doubt planted in Delilah’s mind had sprouted, fueled by small but noticeable changes in Frank and Scarlet’s behavior. With each shared smile, each lingering glance, and each unexplained absence of Frank, Delilah felt a growing discomfort in her heart.

Frank’s routine of driving Scarlet home after their business meetings became an event that Delilah observed with increasing apprehension. “There must be traffic,” she thought, trying to justify the long hours Frank took to return. One day, after another one of those long afternoons alone, Delilah decided to confront Frank.

The sun was setting as she waited for him in the living room, the shadows dancing on the wall while her wheelchair occupied the center of the room—a stark reminder of the new reality they faced. Finally, the door opened, and Frank entered, his eyes tired and his smile faded.

“Frank, we need to talk,” Delilah began, keeping her voice firm despite the lump in her throat. Surprise flashed across Frank’s face, quickly replaced by a mask of indifference. “Sure, Delilah. What’s up?” She took a deep breath, gathering the courage to say the words that had been hammering in her head for weeks.

“I noticed, I noticed that you and Scarlet have been very close lately, and you’ve been spending a lot of time away.” Frank cut her off. “Delilah, Scarlet is our friend, nothing more, and I’m just trying to make a living, nothing more.” His voice sounded cold, distant. The air in the room grew heavy with unspoken words. Delilah wanted to believe him, but the discomfort persisted, echoing in her mind.

“Nothing more,” that was the beginning of a tortuous path of suspicions and fears for Delilah. As the facade of a happy life began to slowly crumble, the days dragged on. Delila tried to cope with everyday tasks, each movement a sharp reminder of Frank’s betrayal. In the middle of the afternoon, the doorbell rang, breaking the monotony.

Outside, waiting, was Martin, Delila’s physiotherapist—a tall and friendly man with tousled brown hair and a kind gaze. He brought with him a gentle energy that illuminated the dark house. “Delilah, I missed you at today’s session,” he said, concerned. “Is something wrong?” With moist eyes and a trembling voice, Delilah told Martin about Frank’s departure and Scarlet’s betrayal. He listened patiently, his expression becoming increasingly serious.

“Delilah, I’m so sorry,” Martin sighed. “No one should go through this. I promise I’ll help you get through this difficult time.” Delila shook her head, her eyes filling with tears again. “I can’t afford physiotherapy anymore, Martin,” she said, her lips trembling. She confessed her financial worries. Martin looked at her for a long moment before giving a faint smile.

“The physiotherapy will be free, Delilah. You need help now, and I’m willing to do it.” And so, Martin became a constant presence in Delilah’s life. He assisted her with rehabilitation exercises, making sure she maintained movement and strength in her muscles. He also proved to be a skilled cook, bringing meals to the house and sometimes preparing dinner for Delilah and Alvin.

His companionship brought a certain relief to the house, a glimpse of normality amidst the storm that had become Delilah’s life. Months turned into a year that brought both growth and healing. Delilah, fueled by Martin’s support, began to bloom again. It wasn’t an easy recovery, far from it, but she faced each day with renewed determination.

Learning to cope with her physical limitations and emotional scars, she made steady progress, achieving small but significant milestones. It was Martin who stood by her side when Delilah managed to move her leg for the first time since the accident. And it was him who clapped and wiped away her tears when she managed to stand with the help of support bars.

In these small victories, something else blossomed between them—a deep friendship that slowly evolved into love. “Martin,” she said one night after a quiet dinner, “I think I’m in love with you.” He smiled, his eyes shining with emotion. “I was hoping you’d say that, Delilah, because I’m in love with you too.”

Since then, Martin became much more than Delilah’s physiotherapist. He became her anchor, her safe haven, her love. He also became a father figure to Alvin, teaching him to play ball, helping him with homework, and even telling him bedtime stories. Delilah’s new life with Martin wasn’t the life she had planned, but it was a life she learned to love.

She had been shaken but found a way to rise again, to move past the past and look to a future filled with hope and love. Five years had passed since that fateful day that had transformed Delilah’s life. However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Delilah emerged stronger than ever.

She was physically recovered now, thanks to her relentless effort and Martin’s unwavering love and support. Martin and Delilah had sealed their love in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Tears of joy replaced pain and suffering as they vowed to love and care for each other forever.

Their union was a testimony to the power of love and resilience in the face of adversity. Delilah had rebuilt her beloved architecture office, bringing it back to life with the same passion she had always had for design. She had overcome challenges and, with Martin’s help, recruited a new team.

Old clients who loved her work returned, and new clients were drawn to Delilah’s reputation as a brilliant and resilient architect, I always knew you’d overcome this,” Delilah, one of her former clients, said, a smile of admiration on their face. “Your work is a testament to your strength,” Delilah smiled back, gratitude evident in her eyes.

Thank you for believing in me,” she replied sincerely. At the same time, she had supported Martin in his dream of opening a rehabilitation clinic. Together, they had worked tirelessly to make the clinic a reality. The clinic soon thrived, becoming a Beacon of Hope for those facing similar physical challenges to what Delilah had faced.

At the end of the day, as Delilah watched Martin playing with Alvin in the backyard, she knew they had weathered life storms and emerged victorious. She felt blessed, and most importantly, she felt at home. On a Sunday morning, as Delilah’s routine unfolded in the office, news on the television shook her.

World-renowned architect and husband caught in corruption scheme,” the anchor announced with a grave tone. Hearing Scarlet Morgan and Frank Howell’s names, her heart skipped a beat. Scarlet’s pale face was shown on the screen, handcuffed and escorted by policemen. Frank, his eyes filled with fear, followed along. The report detailed how the two were deeply involved in illegal bidding and embezzlement from a bank. The once untouchable couple had fallen.

Delilah felt a shiver run through her body as she processed the news. Martin, who was by her side, immediately put his hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay, Delilah?” he asked, concerned. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Delilah nodded. “I feel sad for them, Martin,” she confessed, her eyes still glued to the screen.

Despite everything, they were a big part of my life.” Martin wrapped his arms around her, providing a safe harbor amidst the storm of emotions. “I know,” he murmured, “but they made their choices, Delilah.” Delilah sighed, nestling even closer to Martin. “Yes, they did,” she agreed. “They’re reaping the greed and envy that they sowed, and now I can reap all the good I’ve done.” The tears continued to flow, but a smile of relief appeared on her face. The painful past was finally closed, and she could finally focus on the present and the bright future that awaited her.

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