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She Raised a Boy who Was Unaware that His Father was a Millionaire. Eventually, something Happened And Their Paths Crossed Again



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Years ago, she raised a boy who was unaware that his father was a millionaire. Eventually, something happened and their paths crossed again..

He thought he had lost everything after a tragic accident, but he didn’t expect that fate would give him a new chance to be happy. Edgar opened his notebook and started reading his emails. He had barely arrived home and already received news that one of his franchises was going to close. So, he stuck himself in his office and went back to work.

The man hurt his little son, calling him from inside the office. The rich man yelled, “I can’t, Louie, daddy is busy right now.” Edgar, at 38 years old, owned a large chain of luxury restaurants in Sao Paulo and had several establishments spread across the country. He had managed everything himself since his wife Stella passed away. He was an extremely busy man and couldn’t give much attention to his son who was only three years old.

The man was always at work or on business trips, and the one who stayed day and night with the little boy was his governess, Sylvia. The lady knocked on the Millionaire’s office door and said, “Sir, maybe you should take a break. Come have dinner with us and play a little with Louie.” Edgar knew he should be enjoying his son, but he really had a lot of work to do. Then he explained that he was just going to finish his work and go stay with them.

Obviously, the businessman took longer than expected, and when he finally left that office, his son was already asleep. “Edgar, you work too much,” said Sylvia, alerting the man. “Your son misses you a lot, and since Miss Stella is not here anymore, he keeps asking where his father is. You have to enjoy it because he’s growing so fast.”

“I know, Sylvia, but you know how my life is. But if I’m not managing the restaurants, then my son won’t have a place to live,” said the man, making an excuse. “Oh, stop being dramatic, Ed. I’ve known you since you were a baby. When your family hired me, they were already rich, and you managed to get even richer. You are fully capable of hiring a manager to take care of your finances while you enjoy life with your only child.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll think about it,” said Edgar, already fed up with that scolding she always gave him when he didn’t spend time with little Louie. The days passed, and then the child’s birthday arrived. The rich man had arranged to travel to Disney with his son and the governess. The father traveled all the time but never with Louie. Since his wife passed away a year before, he’d been buried in his work and forgotten about living life and enjoying the things that really mattered.

However, when they were all packed, Edgar received a call that made him jump with happiness. Some investors wanted to have a last-minute meeting to talk about opening a franchise abroad in Paris. As it would be a dream come true for the millionaire, he couldn’t miss this opportunity in any way. So he told Sylvia that she would have to travel alone with Louie.

The lady got angry and said, “Ed, reschedule this meeting. Your son only turns four once, and you promised him this trip a long time ago.” “Sylvia, I can’t just ask investors. You have to wait. I’m going to take my son to Disney and come back in five days. By then, they’ll have found another restaurant to take to Paris. It’s the chance of a lifetime. I can’t throw it away because of a birthday,” said the man.

Sylvia stopped and looked at him for a moment. Edgar hated when she made that face. He knew she was right, but he had no choice. So he ordered the governess and her little boy to go on the trip without him. “Son, come here. Daddy won’t be able to go to Disney with you anymore,” but you promised, Daddy,” said the little boy, crying.

Edgar hugged him and said, “I know, my boy, but Daddy has something very important to do. But I promise that when you come back, I’ll go with you wherever you want, okay?” The businessman gave the little boy one last hug and handed him over to Sylvia, who looked at him with disappointment.

He said goodbye to the lady and asked her to let him know when they got there. He put the two of them on his private jet and left to get ready for his meeting. The boy would have everything he needed as always, in addition to Sylvia, who was always by his side. The entire crew of Edgar’s jet was there to serve them, so the man didn’t care about the well-being of the two. He knew they were in good hands because that’s what he worked so hard for, in a way.

For the rich man, this reasoning alleviated his guilt for not being present at several important moments in his son’s life. So, the manager went to his meeting while Louis and Sylvia took off. However, Edgar didn’t know that that would be the last time they would ever see them. After spending the whole afternoon resolving the procedures to open his franchise in Paris, the rich man returned home very happy and proud of the achievement.

Now he could consider hiring someone to manage his business and enjoy life with his son, since the Paris deal would triple his and he wouldn’t have to worry about anything more. Edgar sat down on his couch, trying to remember the last time he had snuggled there since he only stayed in his office. He took out his cell phone and looked to see if he had any messages from Sylvia saying they had arrived.

“How strange,” he thought. “Sylvia should have texted already. They should have landed two hours ago.” Edgar tried calling the governess, but it would go straight to voicemail. He thought maybe Louie got so excited they went out for a walk, and the lady forgot to turn her cell phone on after the flight.

After an hour, the man started to get really worried. He was already on the 30th call, and nothing. He started to have a bad feeling, but he tried to calm himself down. “Calm down, Ed. I’m sure they’re just fine. They must just be late. Soon Sylvia will call me, and I will talk to my son.” He waited another half-hour and then decided to call the hotel in Orlando where they were supposed to be staying. And that’s when his heart froze.

Sylvia and Louis hadn’t checked in yet, and the hotel staff were still waiting. The businessman stood still for a moment, wondering what could have happened. He then contacted the aviation company responsible for his jet, and that’s when that man, that poor man, heard the worst of the news.

“Sir Edgar, we regret to inform you, but the tower lost contact with your jet a few hours ago. By the coordinates we have here, they didn’t even leave Brazil. The signal disappeared somewhere in Mato Grosso. We have already contacted the local police and fire department and are awaiting further information.”

The businessman was catatonic, paralyzed. He didn’t make a sound, and for a moment, nothing crossed his mind but one thing: his little Louie. Tears began to fall from his eyes, still sitting on the couch, looking at nothing. He could only think about what had happened to his son, why he didn’t go with them, why he had let his little one travel alone.

So, without thinking twice, he took the location from the last coordinates obtained by the tower and bought a last-minute plane ticket to Cuiabá, which was the closest place to where the signal had disappeared. He got there in approximately two hours and checked into a hotel. He was in constant contact with headquarters and the police investigating the area.

With each hour that passed without news of his son, Edgar grew more distressed. For the first time since his wife passed away, he, who was not a very religious man, prayed to God not to take his little Louie. Edgar felt that something very bad had happened. Just two days later, they found the plane crashed in a forest somewhere about 220 kilometers from the capital. He traveled to the location with the officers, and when he got there, he was horrified.

His jet was wrecked, with half of it to one side and the other miles away. Everyone there, the crew and Sylvia, had not survived. Edgar was screaming and crying, terrified of what he was seeing. The police and firefighters tried to calm the man down, but he was inconsolable. He asked numerous times where his son was, but then they gave him the worst news he could receive.

“Edgar, unfortunately, we don’t have a less painful way of saying this, but we haven’t found your son’s body. We think he was thrown out of the plane when it hit the ground. As he was only three years old, we don’t believe he survived. He was too small; his body couldn’t take the impact.”

The man couldn’t stop crying. They had to take him back to Cuiabá because he was out of his mind. “No, no, why, God? Why did you take my son? Wasn’t it enough to have taken my wife from me? Now my little son, too,” thought the businessman, desolate. When they were all presumed dead, Edgar returned to his home in Sao Paulo and didn’t leave the house for months.

He no longer visited his restaurants and left everything to his new manager, who was taking care of everything during the man’s mourning, which seemed to last forever. Meanwhile, in a small village called Santo Alfonso in Mato Grosso, Ariel was a young woman, about 35 years old, who provided domestic services in the homes of the elderly in the village who were no longer able to do much.

She helped them with lunch and cleaning the house. She was very kind and gentle to everyone. When she wanted to relax, Ariel would take long walks and trails through the woods. She would go to a creek a few miles away from her village and camp there for a few days. One day, on one of her adventures through the forest, the woman heard a noise like a baby crying, and she followed the sound.

When she arrived at the place, she was horrified by what she saw. There was Edgar’s little boy, Louis, all dirty, hurt, and scared. “Hi, honey, where did you come from?” said the woman, running and wrapping the little boy with her coat. Ariel was desperate with that situation; she had no idea how that child had ended up there.

She rushed him to the only doctor in the village and nursed him back to health. The little boy, traumatized, couldn’t say anything about what had happened. He couldn’t explain where he was from or who his father was; he could only say his name. For this reason, it was impossible for the woman to find out how to find his family.

After a month of taking care of the boy, Ariel had already become very fond of him. After several failed searches about that little boy’s past or his family, the woman, who had the dream of being a mother, decided to stay with him and raise him as her own son. Back in Sao Paulo, Edgar cried night and day; he suffered for several months before he was able to get out of bed. He had been devastated since the accident.

They were his only family, and now he had no one left. Since he couldn’t mourn forever, Rangel, his manager who was taking care of his chain of luxury restaurants, asked him to go back to work. Then he could recover from that tragedy and return to his life. However, what Rangel didn’t understand was that that poor man’s life would never be the same again. His will to live was gone; he had no strength left.

He no longer wanted to eat or drink; he went months without washing his hair or shaving; he was deplorable. Then one day, he had a dream: Louis was running happily through a forest; he was laughing and having fun with a woman who Edgar thought was Stella, his late wife. They were so happy together, and so he found his peace.

The millionaire woke up that day feeling that his son was fine wherever he was, as he was now with his mother. What he didn’t know was that the woman of his dream was not Stella but Ariel, who was taking care of the little boy with all the love and affection that a mother could give. After this dream, Edgar got up, took a shower like never before, shaved and cut his hair which was already reaching his shoulders.

He put on his suit, put on some nice perfume, and went to his restaurant. Everyone there greeted him and celebrated his return. He really was back now; he wanted to honor his son and live again, just as he saw him doing in his dream. So, two years went by, and Ariel and Louis were like mother and son; they loved each other very much, and the boy loved living in that village.

Santo Alfonso was a peaceful place southwest of Cuiabá in Mato Grosso, just a few miles from the capital. It had just over 3,000 inhabitants, and everyone there knew each other. When little Louis arrived in town, he made those people happy because the village didn’t have many young children. It was made up mostly of seniors and adults Ariel’s age.

So when the woman began to raise the little boy as if he were her own and took him to the old people’s house to work, everyone fell in love with him. He was very polite and kind, just as his mother Stella had been. However, two years later, Louis was already six years old, and things started to tighten financially for Ariel. She wanted to be able to give her son a good education and give him a better life in a place with more opportunities.

She was advised by the village’s doctor to maybe move to a bigger city. The doctor was a good friend of hers and had already lived in Sao Paulo. So, Ariel decided to move cities and try to have a better life. Since she had impressive housekeeping skills and was an accomplished cook, she thought about trying out for a job in that line of work.

Arriving in Sao Paulo, she rented a room where she slept with her son, as she was unable to stay in a house or apartment of their own. She left her son at home with the old lady who lived there and went to deliver her resume to houses and restaurants, trying to find a job as a maid or cook. As the woman had not even finished high school, as she needed to work and support her parents when they were alive, it was becoming difficult to find a

place where her education was not a problem.

Until one day, almost a month after looking so hard, she found out that a restaurant needed a cleaning lady. She went there, and by sheer coincidence of fate, it was one of Edgar’s luxury restaurants. She was interviewed by Edgar himself, who liked her a lot from the beginning. Ariel was very beautiful, and he took a liking to her as she was very communicative. She convinced the millionaire that she was very efficient and would do a great job as a cleaner in his establishment.

He liked her attitude because he relied on people who valued doing their best work regardless of what it was. So, he hired her, and the salary in a luxurious place like that would be very good. Ariel managed to rent a small apartment just for her and her little son, Louis. She put him in a better school and was winning Edgar’s admiration more and more, who saw how hard-working and efficient that woman was.

One day, one of the chefs at the restaurant got sick and ended up missing work. It was an important day as the rich man was going to receive some businessmen for lunch, and he was worried about how the lack of his employee would affect their performance. Everything went crazy when Ariel saw that the staff weren’t keeping up. She put down her brooms and simply started cooking the businessmen’s orders.

The people were perplexed because she was doing so well, and when the businessmen tasted her food, they were delighted with the taste and presentation of the dishes. Edgar was amazed by the woman who, in addition to being beautiful, was a perfect cook. He decided to promote the maid to chef at his restaurant, and he didn’t regret it as sales tripled after Ariel’s promotion.

Not much time passed, and Edgar fell in love with Ariel, who shared the same feeling. On one of their dates, she told him that she had a son, and the rich man was very happy because he wanted to be the good father he had never been to his late son. But the millionaire had no idea that fate was about to give him a second chance.

Ariel knew the whole tragic story of the death of his wife and son, but she didn’t know their names. Then, after a while, Ariel and Edgar ended up developing a relationship. After a month of dating, the woman felt that it was time for her boyfriend to meet her son, as she felt that she was ready to present her most precious person to the person who could one day become her husband.

But she could never have imagined that the moment the two saw each other, Edgar would fall to his knees and start crying inconsolably. “Louie, Louie, is it really you, my son?” shouted the man without believing his eyes. It took the little boy a while to recognize him, but after he remembered his father, he ran into his arms and started to cry, “Daddy!” said the boy, being wrapped in the man’s tight hug.

Ariel was paralyzed and perplexed by that scene. She just couldn’t believe it. Tears began to flow from her eyes, and for a second, she thought that she would lose her son now that he had found his true family. But to everyone’s delight, Edgar got up after hugging his little Louie and going to his beloved, kissed her and wrapped her in his arms, thanking her immensely for bringing his son back and bringing back his will to live.

The two got married a while later. In the end, Edgar, Ariel, and Louis were happy as a beautiful family united by destiny.

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