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Mother Has To Choose Between Saving Her Son or Her Daughter Who Are Hanging From a Cliff



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“She could only bear to pull one of her children, and she had to choose which one she would save years later, even though she never forgave herself. The Unbelievable happened. It was a perfect weekend for camping. Sarah woke up early with the first rays of sunlight filtering through the curtains of her house. Anxiety coursed through her body. Pleasant butterflies in her stomach that only the anticipation of an adventure could bring.

“Carluna, wake up!” shouted the woman from the kitchen, preparing sandwiches for the trip. The house was filled with the pleasant aroma of fresh coffee and toasted bread. Twins Carl and Luna woke up with a jump. The emotion was palpable in their voices as they raced down the stairs. “Ma, are we ready yet?” asked the little boy, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

“Almost there, champ,” Sarah laughed, buttering the last sandwich. “Luna, help me with the rest of the bags, please.” They spent the rest of the morning preparing everything for the trip. Every detail was important. The car was parked in the garage, waiting to be loaded: blankets, cooking utensils, a spacious tent, and, of course, enough snacks to keep two energetic kids satisfied for the weekend.

“Carl, did you get your sleeping bag?” asked the woman, closing the trunk of the car with a snap. “Yes, Mommy,” he replied, holding the item with a proud smile. The trip was smooth and pleasant. The landscape swept past them, a vibrant watercolor of green and blue. They arrived at the camping site after a few hours of travel. The mountain was known for its stunning rock formations and waterfalls, as well as the legendary Enchanted Well.

The family went to one of the best-known tourist spots in the region. There, the imposing cliff was the place where the children most wanted to visit, as it was where their late father had proposed to their mother. The couple used to always go camping before the children were born, and as soon as they got older (now 10 years old), their dream was that the whole family would enjoy one of these adventures. However, with the death of their father, everyone was very shaken, and so this was their first trip together after almost two years.

So, as soon as they arrived, the mother and the twins went for a walk and had a very happy and fun picnic. Then, before the sun began to set, the family worked together to set up the tent. Laughter filled the cool air as they struggled with the tent poles and fabric. “Mom, I think we assembled it backwards,” Luna laughed, holding one edge of the tent that insisted on falling. With the tent finally set up, they sat together enjoying the sunset. The adventure was just beginning; however, that poor family would never be ready for what that trip had in store for them.

As night fell, Sarah and her twins gathered around the dancing glow of the fire. The darkness of the mountain was punctuated by the stars above, transforming the sky into a sparkling celestial vault. Joy floated in the air as they laughed and roasted marshmallows on the ends of slender branches. “S’mores, anyone?” shouted Carl, teasing his sister who was too focused on her golden marshmallow to answer. Moonlight bathed the camp in soft light, amplifying the magical aura of the night.

In that light, they shared stories and laughter until exhaustion took over. They fell asleep snug in their sleeping bags to the sound of crickets calming the night. At dawn, the mother was awakened by a frantic commotion. The kids were jumping all over her, laughing and screaming, “Mommy, Mommy, wake up, it’s adventure time!” shouted Carl, his eyes shining with enthusiasm.

After a simple breakfast, they set out on the trail with their backpacks on their backs. They followed the path Sarah knew so well. She had been there years ago with the twins’ father, and now she returned with her children, filling her with a mixture of longing and pride. “When Daddy and I came here,” she began, pointing to an old cedar tree, “he tried to climb this tree but was surprised by a bunch of stubborn little monkeys who jumped on his head. One even threw a branch at him.”

They laughed together, their joy echoing through the forest. Throughout the walk, the sound of birds filled the air, and the golden sunlight filtering through the treetops warmed their skin. Carl and Luna’s laughter was the perfect accompaniment to the natural concert that surrounded them. When they finally arrived at one of the most famous cliffs, the breathtaking view made the three of them silent for a moment.

The view of the distant horizon where the blue sky met the lush green vegetation was breathtaking. “Wow, Mommy, it’s amazing!” the little girl exclaimed, her eyes shining with admiration and joy. “I have never seen anything so beautiful.” “It really is beautiful, right, honey?” the boy added. “Mommy, I wish I was a bird to fly around here. I would go down there and then come back up.” He approached the edge, and so did the little girl.

While the mother, lost in her thoughts and memories of her late husband, failed to notice that the children had come too close to the edge to look down. The children’s eyes widened in admiration; however, without any warning, faster than lightning cutting through the sky in a storm, part of the land beneath them split open. It was as if time stopped for that mother. With a cry of surprise, they fell.

The world around that poor woman seemed to spin, and the ground was rapidly approaching. The fun and joy of the day gave way to sheer fear and adrenaline. In a split second, guided by pure maternal instinct, Sarah lunged forward, grabbing each of the twins in one arm. It was a life-and-death situation. The abyss below them looked like a hungry monster ready to swallow her children.

Time seemed to stop, each second stretching into an eternity. She looked down, her heart pounding so hard she could feel the pounding in her ears. The cliff, once beautiful and majestic, now turned into a nightmare, its dark depths hidden under the thick vegetation. Their children’s faces were pale, wide eyes fixed on the abyss ahead. Fear in them was palpable, terrifying, and Sarah felt as if a cold fist were squeezing her heart.

On the precipice of death, survival became the only instinct. That mother’s hands were gripping her babies’ arms like steel claws, the raw pain in her joints ignored by panic and despair. She could feel Luna’s smallness and Carl’s fragility against the power of the abyss. The fear in their eyes mirrored hers. Sarah tried to smile but managed only a pained grimace. She felt Luna’s lips move to the word “mother,” while Carl looked at her with an expression of confusion and fear that broke her heart.

The wind whipped around their faces, hissing like a dark omen as the surrounding vegetation seemed to close in on them. Every leaf, every branch seemed to have a life of its own, eager to suck its children into the abyss. Sarah felt sweat pouring down her face, each drop a vivid reminder of her mortality. Her arms shook under the weight of her children, the stress of the situation testing the limits of her strength.Her children, her life, hanging from a cliff.

Her thoughts swirled in turmoil, each one more terrifying than the last. She could see her children’s lives unraveling in the blink of an eye. But above all, a single idea stood out in her mind: “I can’t let them fall, I can’t.” However, her arms couldn’t hold them any longer. She began to cry, seeming to precede the inevitable. She had the strength to pull only one child. It was painful, and she didn’t want to accept their terrible fate.

“Carl’s eyes, already large and bright by nature, seemed even bigger, widened with absolute terror. However, amidst their fear, a spark of resolution flashed within his eyes as he realized that their mother’s arms were shaking as she tried to hold them. He looked at his sister, then his mother, and a decision seemed to form in his young mind. It seemed to be the only possible one. ‘Mom,’ he began, his voice barely audible over the roar of the wind, ‘Mom, you have to let go, you have to save Luna.'”

The expression on Sarah’s face turned into a mixture of surprise and horror. “Carl, no!” she screamed, the words being ripped from her throat in a scream, but the little boy was firm in his decision, his eyes fixed on hers. He tried to smile, and a small quivering curve appeared on his lips. “I know you can do it, Mom. You’re strong. Save Luna. Let me go.”

Tears streamed down that poor woman’s face, each accusing a broken promise. The promise that she could save her two precious children. She couldn’t form words, just shook her head frantically, denying the reality of the situation. “I love you, Mom,” Carl said, his voice trembling but clear. “I love you, Luna,” the girl, who had been quiet until then, let out a sob, a muffled cry of despair. “Carl, don’t do that,” she screamed, but her brother didn’t look away from his mother.

“Strong, Luna. You have to hold on for both of us,” he said, as if it were a last request, a last promise. And then, with a resolution that defied his young age—his only 10 years of life—Carl let go of Sarah’s hand. It was a simple, almost graceful movement, an untangling of fingers, a loosening of a grip. The mother felt the little boy’s hand slip from hers, felt the void where her son’s solid presence had been.

A scream that formed in her throat never made it to her lips, dying to a strangled whisper. She could just watch, paralyzed, as her son’s hand slowly loosened, as if watching in slow motion. It was an anticipation of his departure, silent but deafening. Sarah’s eyes were fixed on Carl’s little hand, the boy she had wrapped in her arms since the day she conceived him, whose first words had been “Mama,” whose laughter had filled her days.

She couldn’t look away from that tiny hand, the last bond breaking, leaving only emptiness in its place. No, she could only think, think of a simple “no,” she didn’t utter a word, as there was no strength left. And then, time returned to its course, and that mother, that poor mother, saw her son, her little one, her life, part of her heart, let go with his tiny body floating in the air.

For a fraction of a second that stretched into a cruel eternity, her eyes followed the boy’s silhouette as he descended towards the green fury below. The girl’s cries mingled with the roar of the wind, becoming a unison sound of pain and despair. Finally, a pained, tortured scream escaped her throat, “Carl!” she yelled, her voice rising above the howl of the wind, tearing the peace of the forest with the rawness of her agony.

Luna’s face was wet, her green eyes fixed on the abyss where her brother had disappeared. “Carl, Carl,” she repeated, each time a punch to Sarah’s chest. Every sound, every movement around them seemed to mock them. The birds sang their songs, ignorant of their pain. The leaves whispered in the wind as if laughing at their agony. The cliff, with its cruel beauty, just watched, indifferent to the drama unfolding on the edge of its abyss.

The world seemed to disappear around that woman, and she could only see her little boy fall, his small body being swallowed by the vegetation below. Every second felt like torture, a stab in her heart. And so, after about 65 meters high, the inevitable happened—Carl disappeared. He was gone, his body finally fading from view, swallowed by the trees and shadows. All that was left was the emptiness where he had been, the echo of his name on the wind.

The reality of the situation dawned on Sarah. She had lost her son, her boy, her dear Carl had sacrificed himself. The weight of that reality crashed over her like a crushing wave, drowning her in a tide of pain and despair. “No,” the last image of him, his resolute expression as he let go, was etched in her mind. She would never forgive herself, would never forget that day, her son’s sacrifice, the void he left when he fell into the abyss of the cliff, disappearing among the vegetation.

The reality of Carl’s fall still vibrated in the air when Sarah, with all the strength left in her body and soul, pulled Luna away from the ravenous abyss. It was as if every fiber of her being was devoted to this one purpose: she would not lose another child, not to this merciless cliff. They fell to the ground together, the harsh sound of their sobs echoing through the void Carl had left behind.

“I’m so sorry, daughter, I’m so sorry. I—I—I couldn’t hold him,” Sarah cried, her words getting lost in the fabric of her daughter’s T-shirt. And the little girl, hugging her mother, cried too, her tears mingled with her mother’s. Two souls crying in unison.

In the months following Carl’s fall, Sarah and Luna joined the search parties, digging, searching, hoping against hope that Carl might be found. The absence of his body only fed the pain, like a wound that refused to heal. The cliff became a cruel memory, a constant reminder of the loss they had suffered. Time passed in a painful blur. The house that once vibrated with the energy of two children now echoed with the absence of one of them.

Luna’s eyes, once filled with joy and curiosity, sensing her older brother’s companionship, now reflected a sadness far beyond her years. Meanwhile, Sarah never fully recovered. She refused to allow Carl’s memory to be lost, just as he had been lost to them. He would live through them, in every story told, in every memory shared, and it consumed her. It made her cry every single day.

But what they could never imagine was that the boy wasn’t gone. During all this time, something different happened to Carl on that tragic day. Carl, as he fell, was surrounded by a terrible vertigo. All he could see was his mother’s frightened face, hanging from the cliff, Luna clinging to her. And even with fear dominating every cell in his body, he closed his eyes, etching that image in his mind, holding onto his family as he descended into the abyss. The wind roared around him, the sensation of falling overwhelming his senses. His small body twisted and turned, caught in the grip of forces beyond his control. Yet, amidst the chaos, a strange calm settled over him.

As Carl fell, his mind seemed to disconnect from his body, and he felt like he was floating, weightless, through a surreal dreamscape. Colors danced around him, vibrant and otherworldly. He couldn’t explain the sensation, but it was as if time itself had slowed down, allowing him to observe the world around him in a way he never could before.

He saw flashes of memories—playing with Luna, his father’s laughter, his mother’s warm embrace. These images cascaded through his mind like fragments of a life he was leaving behind. But even as he felt a sense of longing for those moments, he also experienced an odd sensation of detachment, as if he were moving beyond the realm of the living.

Then, abruptly, the surreal journey came to an end. Carl’s descent slowed, and he gently landed on a soft surface. Opening his eyes, he found himself in a place that defied all logic and understanding. It was a realm that seemed to blend reality and fantasy—a dreamscape of swirling colors, floating islands, and strange, luminescent creatures.

Amidst this ethereal landscape, a figure approached him. It was a being of light, its form shifting and changing like a living flame. It radiated a sense of tranquility and wisdom. “Welcome, Carl,” the being said, its voice echoing like a distant chime. “You have crossed the boundary between worlds.”

Carl was both fascinated and bewildered. “Where am I?” he asked, his voice a mixture of curiosity and trepidation.

“You have entered a place that exists between the realms of the living and the unknown,” the being explained. “A place where those who are not yet ready to depart from their earthly ties find themselves.”

Carl’s thoughts immediately went to his family. “My mom and Luna, are they okay?”

“They are safe, young one,” the being assured him. “Your act of bravery and sacrifice has left an indelible mark on the tapestry of existence. Your choice touched the hearts of many.”

Carl felt a sense of relief wash over him, knowing that his family was alright. But he still had questions. “Why am I here?”

The being’s radiant form seemed to shimmer with an otherworldly glow. “You are here to find understanding, to explore the depths of your own heart and the meaning of your actions. Your journey has just begun, Carl.”

As time flowed differently in this realm, Carl spent what felt like an eternity delving into his memories, emotions, and thoughts. He revisited moments from his life, gaining new perspectives and insights. He relived his love for his family, his adventures with Luna, and his dreams for the future. And he also came to understand the profound impact of his sacrifice on those he left behind.

Through introspection and guidance from the enigmatic being, Carl began to undergo a transformation. He learned to let go of the guilt and sorrow that had weighed on him and to embrace the boundless love that connected him to his family. He discovered that his spirit, though departed from the physical world, could continue to influence the lives of those he loved.

Back in the world of the living, Sarah and Luna felt Carl’s presence in subtle yet powerful ways. In moments of despair, a gentle breeze would brush against their cheeks, like a soft caress. In times of joy, a distant melody would reach their ears, filling them with warmth. And in their dreams, they would see glimpses of Carl—smiling, vibrant, and full of life.

Years passed, and the pain of loss gradually transformed into a bittersweet memory. Sarah found solace in sharing stories of Carl with Luna, keeping his spirit alive in their hearts. Luna grew into a young woman who carried her brother’s courage and love with her, inspiring others with her strength and resilience.

In the realm between worlds, Carl’s journey continued. He became a guardian of sorts, a beacon of hope for those who found themselves in this mysterious place. He welcomed them, comforted them, and helped them find their own paths of understanding.

As time flowed on, the boundary between the realms remained thin for those who believed in the power of love and connection. And on certain occasions, like the anniversary of that fateful day, when the sun painted the sky with hues of orange and gold, a mother and daughter would sit together, sharing stories of a boy who had once fallen from a cliff but had risen to become a source of light in their lives.

And so, the story of Carl, the boy who fell but never truly left, continued to inspire those who heard it, a testament to the enduring bond that transcended the boundaries of life and death.

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