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Lady Confessed Love To Her Best Friend, What She Got In Return Left Her Dumbfounded



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Foreign met in their first year at University, and they immediately developed a close friendship. Michelle thought she was lucky because it was not always possible to meet such a perfect person in a lifetime – common interests, the same sense of humor, and outlook on life.

All this was great, but the only thing that spoiled the perfect picture was Edgar’s girlfriends. She also observed that the young couple was not as emotionally close as she and Edgar. She quietly waited for them to break up, and soon it happened. But before Michelle could get overjoyed, Edgar began to change girls one after another.

However, even then, Michelle consoled herself with the fact that Edgar just needed to have some fun and in time, he would finally realize everything and definitely see in her not just a true friend but a woman. Six years passed. One day, a group of former classmates gathered to celebrate the New Year.

They remembered funny stories from their student life, joked, discussed common acquaintances. Michelle even thought it was not such a bad idea to celebrate the New Year together, especially since Edgar was here too. He came with his girlfriend, but he still paid a lot of attention to Michelle.

One of the guys, drunk enough, asked Edgar suddenly, “Do you love Michelle?” Edgar admitted, “Well, yeah, for six years now. And luckily for us, we only have a spiritual closeness. She and I are the closest people, yet so much more believable than a one-time affair, and there is no way we are going to ruin it, don’t you agree?” Michelle smiled and nodded in agreement.

But then, an unfamiliar man suddenly stepped into the conversation. Michelle had been catching his interested glances all evening but tried not to pay attention. He was about 10 years older than everyone else here, and Michelle had never seen him in their company before. “Sounds like you’re afraid to start a normal relationship and hide yourself behind a friendship between a man and a woman, which doesn’t exist in the world. Or maybe one of you is deceiving the other by deliberately hiding their feelings,” the man said.

Michelle and Edgar defended their friendship as genuine and claimed to share everything with each other. The man asked, “Do you tell each other about your love relationships too?” Michelle had a lump in her throat at those words. Of course, she had never discussed her boyfriends with Edgar simply because there were none. All her thoughts were on Edgar alone, and she didn’t see the point in letting anyone else get close to her.

“I told you we are discussing everything, and anyway, what do you care about us?” Michelle began to get angry. “Michelle is a beautiful and interesting woman. I’m attracted to her, so I’m trying to figure out if she’s single,” the man said. Edgar advised the stranger not to even try, thinking he was too old for Michelle. Then he suddenly suggested asking Michelle if she would go on a date with him.

An insulted Michelle decided to teach Edgar a lesson for being so careless about her feelings. “Why not? I will go. Goodbye, everybody,” she said unexpectedly to herself and quickly got dressed and ran outside. Michelle walked away, barely holding back her tears. She bitterly thought that all these years she had wasted her time on Edgar, expecting him to pay attention to her as a woman. Suddenly, someone called out to her.

Michelle turned around sharply and saw the recent stranger. He had probably walked right out behind her, and she didn’t notice. “Oh, it’s you. I’m sorry for giving false hope. I don’t have time for a date,” Michelle said. “I understand that, but perhaps you would like to accompany me for the next two hours. This is my first time in your city, and I wouldn’t want to celebrate the New Year alone,” the man said and nodded meaningfully toward the nearest restaurant.

Michelle remembered it was almost midnight and she did not want to stay outside on New Year’s Eve. In addition, she felt guilty that she had disrupted the man from his plans. So, she agreed. Fortunately, there was a table for them right away. The man introduced himself as Brandon. He was 34 years old and had come to the city to open a branch of his company. The quiet confidence he radiated confused the woman for some reason.

They talked nicely and after the chimes of the clock, they went their separate ways. Only when she was at home, Michelle remembered Edgar. She checked her phone and saw several messages from her friends. Edgar asked if the new acquaintance had done anything bad to her. He also made a few snide remarks about his age and finally consoled that the stranger was not suitable for Michelle. He asked her to write as soon as she would be home.

Michelle decided that if Edgar had texted, it meant he was worried and maybe even jealous. She had already started typing a message, and suddenly she noticed a notification about Edgar’s new post on the social network. When Michelle opened it, she saw a picture with him passionately kissing his girlfriend. Michelle realized that now she would spend the rest of the weekend sobbing inconsolably, mourning her unrequited love.

But fortunately for her, she could not sink into sad thoughts for long. In the morning, her boss called and asked her to go to work for an important client. Michelle agreed with pleasure, thinking it would be a distraction. But when she saw the special client, she was greatly surprised. It was Brandon. “How did you find me?” she asked.

“Don’t tell me this is all accidental,” Michelle said. “Too bad, but it is a coincidence. I really need professional help. I am looking for an apartment for myself. Find me those options that you would choose for yourself,” Brandon said. “I don’t think my opinion will help you. I don’t like apartments and would rather live in a suburban house,” Michelle said.

Brandon thought for a while and demanded to see all the houses and apartments their company was selling. Michelle had never had such a demanding client before. In a few weeks, they sorted all the properties, and Brandon showed real business acumen, which greatly delighted Michelle. He was asking the owners many questions, revealing problems they didn’t even know they had.

Finally, they chose a cozy house in an elite suburb not far from the city. Michelle was delighted. The house was perfect, and she herself had dreams of having one like it. After celebrating the completion of the deal, they had a conversation. Brandon offered to drive her home, and Michelle couldn’t refuse him. He had paid very generously for her real estate services.

Parked near the entrance, Brandon turned to her. “Michelle, I would like to court you,” he said. Michelle laughed and tried to joke back, “Brandon, it’s like you’re from the previous century.” Brandon continued, “Michelle, let me be clear right away. My intentions are more than serious. When I was young, I was no better than your frivolous friends, so I didn’t build a long-term relationship with anyone. But now I’m going to fix that, and I want to build a strong family.”

“If you are still hoping that sooner or later you and Edgar will get together, then we shouldn’t start. So think carefully. Haven’t even started dating, and I already have to decide whether I would like to have a family with you,” said Michelle indignantly and jumped out of the car. She quickly walked to the entryway.

Michelle couldn’t understand how they could talk about family and marriage without even knowing each other well. Once home, she wrote a refusal to Brandon, but something stopped her. She calmed down a little and decided to think everything over. The next morning, with a clear head, Michelle decided to reevaluate her feelings for Edgar.

First, she made a list of their common interests and realized that most of them were not things she liked. She spent a lot of time engaging in Edgar’s interests but rarely pursued her own. She handed down tickets to heavy rock concerts just to spend a few hours with him. She decided to cut all of this out of her life. After that, Michelle was able to shift her focus to things that interested her.

She signed up for yoga, French lessons, embroidery, and art classes. She moved on to the hardest part and armed with a bottle of wine, she began rereading all her text messages from Edgar. For the first time, she realized that he was never truly interested in her and always talked only about himself. Michelle forbade herself from being offended by this realization.

She immersed herself in new hobbies, and gradually, her thoughts about Edgar ceased to evoke her former feelings. She soon became convinced of this when she met him for coffee. Michelle looked at the man she once loved and realized she didn’t like the way Edgar ate, the way he talked, the way he looked. She couldn’t explain why she had suffered for so many years because of him.

Michelle hurried to finish their dinner early and ran out into the streets. For the first time in a long time, she felt truly free and realized she could start a new relationship. After a moment’s hesitation, she texted Brandon and asked where he was going to take her on their first date. The answer came quickly.

“You are taking too long to answer. Now it’s up to you to decide where you’re going to ask me out. Oh, and just in case, I don’t like sweets, but meat chops will melt my heart,” the girl smiled. She assured him that she would consider his wishes and in a joyful mood, went to the store. She had several more days to learn how to cook meat chops.

On their honeymoon, Michelle and Brandon went to Cyprus. She admired everything she saw around her and enjoyed the start of married life. Until one day, she woke up to the sounds of a message. It was from Edgar. “I was the newlywed. Doing apparently well since you ignored my last text. I need to talk to you. Leave your old man for 5 minutes,” he said.

Michelle got out of bed quietly and went out onto the balcony. She saw that Edgar had been texting her for hours in a row. She realized that he was drunk and hadn’t found anyone else around to talk to. How was life with your pensioner, he had asked. “Better than with a teenager like you. Is that the question you wanted to ask me?” Michelle replied.

“Well, don’t get mad. I’m just worried about you. I’m afraid he will get bored with you soon enough, and he will put you at the stove and give you a vacuum cleaner, while he gets a mistress for himself,” Edgar said. Michelle thanked Edgar for his concern and told him not to judge everyone by himself. Edgar decided to change the topic and asked her to share her impressions of her vacation.

Michelle softened a little and fulfilled his request. She was absorbed in the conversation and did not notice that Brandon was standing nearby. He immediately understood with whom his wife was chatting. “Why was it so urgent to do this at night?” Michelle said, “We were just talking.” As far as she could remember, her husband said he was not against their communication.

Michelle realized that she had been disrespectful to her husband by engaging in such conversations with her ex. She apologized to Brandon, and he smiled, understanding her feelings. He assured her that they had a strong relationship built on trust.

Ten years passed, and Michelle and Edgar had never seen each other. Michelle knew from mutual friends that almost immediately after the wedding, which he never canceled, a terrible scandal broke out. Tired of Edgar’s endless cheating, his wife filed for divorce. Michelle was glad that the story of her first love ended with only barely noticeable nostalgia.

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