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My husband’s family Does!Not like me, I’m Tired of Trying After What Happened



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I’m a mother of two, and I want to express just how fortunate I am to be married to an incredible man. I’m not saying this to brag or shower praise on my husband, like some people tend to do. No, I genuinely mean it.

My husband is an extraordinary person. He’s not just a loving partner; he’s a thoughtful, caring, and selfless individual.

He prioritizes my happiness and our children’s well-being above all else. He values my opinions, involves me in important decisions, and, in essence, embodies the qualities of a devoted family man. I’m absolutely certain of his love for me, and being with him brings me a deep sense of peace.

He’s definitely not the issue here. My predicament lies in my relationship with his family members. For some reason, they treat me with a coldness and disdain that I can’t quite fathom. It’s been four years since we tied the knot, and for the past two years, my mother-in-law hasn’t reached out to me even once to check on our children. I’ve tried calling her, but she either ignores my calls or abruptly hangs up.

It’s incredibly hurtful. I’ve even gone to the extent of swallowing my pride and humbly seeking her forgiveness, even though I’m in the dark about what I could have possibly done to deserve such treatment. I’ve shared my feelings with my husband, but he’s a reserved and quiet person by nature.

His advice is to simply ignore them and focus on nurturing our immediate family, particularly our children and the special bond we share. Occasionally, my mother-in-law pays us a visit, but during these times, she barely acknowledges my presence. She communicates solely with her son and our children. She handles everything herself, refusing to let me step foot in her room or even help with daily tasks like preparing a meal.

She prefers to serve herself straight from the pot, even when I extend a helping hand. While my husband sometimes assists his mother, his demanding schedule often leaves her to fend for herself. The situation with my husband’s siblings isn’t any better. I only maintain a relationship with one of them, a sister who resides abroad.

She’s a wonderful person who, despite knowing her family’s unfavorable opinion of me, continues to reach out. She calls regularly, sends money for the kids and our family, and even shares her personal life with me.

She’s genuinely kind-hearted. However, due to the geographical distance, our communication isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be.

I find myself at a loss as to how to mend the strained relationships with my mother-in-law and my husband’s siblings. I’ve made numerous attempts, but it seems like an insurmountable challenge.

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