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He Married an Ugly Wife and Everyone Laughed at Her Months Later, She Taught Them a Big Lesson



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Jake loved his wife Riya very deeply. He was so fond of her that in his eyes, she was the most beautiful woman on earth. However, everyone laughed at her. But months later, she taught them a big lesson.

Jake and his wife Riya met when he was serving overseas as an officer in a foreign embassy. It was a prestigious position that many of his peers envied him for. He studied hard and worked to be outstanding to get a position like that; he wanted to make his mom proud.

Jake’s mom Patricia raised them all by herself with so much love, care, and attention. Although Jake was a handsome, accomplished young man who wanted for nothing, he was humble and homely because his mom instilled those qualities in him right from a young age.

As a teenager, Jake never dated, although many beautiful girls wanted to be his girlfriend. Out of those girls, Ava stood out because they were neighbors. Yvonne was highly impressed with Jake and wanted him to be with her daughter Ava. She would often encourage Ava to spend time at Patricia’s house in order for them to get closer.

Yvonne could sense that Jake had a promising future ahead of him, so much so that she already envisioned their wedding day. However, Patricia disliked Yvonne due to her penchant for gossiping and meddling in other people’s affairs. Also, Yvonne spoiled her daughter rotten, hence the girl was unpleasant to be around. Whenever Yvonne or Ava came to visit, Patricia would quickly come up with an excuse and dismiss them. Thanks to their frequent visits, Patricia became quite adept at inventing creative excuses to avoid them.

Yvonne was either dumb or chose to ignore the signs because she didn’t stop. On many occasions, she pointed out to Patricia how good their children looked together, but Patricia would pretend not to hear her or change the conversation.

After Jake left his work at the embassy overseas, Patricia thought she could finally be free from Yvonne’s constant harassment. Little did she know that her troubles weren’t over yet. A few months after Jake started his work at the embassy, he met Ria. She also worked at the embassy with the medical unit as a nurse.

Ria had a calming aura and a way that made people feel at ease. Her presence brought great comfort to Jake and eased his loneliness. Their courtship was sweet and peaceful. They shared the same values and understood and complemented each other in every way. They didn’t want to waste any time apart once it dawned on him how deeply in love they were, so they decided to get married. They wanted their marriage to be a surprise.

And what a shock it was when it was revealed not long after their quiet marriage. Jake was transferred back to his country. He called his mom and broke the news to her. She was so stunned; the phone dropped from her hand. When she picked it back up, she asked, “Did you just say you’re coming home with your wife?” “Yes, Mom, that’s right. I got married to the most beautiful girl in the whole world. You will love her,” he said.

Patricia wondered how this happened; she knew her son, didn’t she? He wasn’t the type to be impulsive and marry a woman out of the blue. It wasn’t easy to please either. Whoever this woman was, she must be one of a kind, she thought. For the couple’s return, Patricia prepared thoroughly. She cleaned the house, bought groceries, and made her son’s favorite dishes. She was over the moon.

These preparations didn’t escape Yvonne’s attention, and she asked questions, “What are all these preparations for? Is there something special coming up? Tell me, I have to know now,” she demanded because she liked being in the loop. “Yes, my son is coming home,” Patricia informed her with excitement. Finally, Yvonne clapped, “There will be a wedding in town. Your Jake will get married to my Ava,” she said, unable to contain her excitement.

Patricia knew there would be trouble if she didn’t correct Yvonne, and so she gently told her that her son got married already and was returning with his wife. Yvonne was outraged, “How could that silly boy break her daughter’s heart like that? Ava had been waiting years for him. Did he have no regard for their family? Who was this girl anyway, and how could she marry a guy without meeting his family?” Yvonne had many questions and wanted to get to the root of them.

Patricia advised her to let things be, but she refused. She insisted that she must meet the special wife of Jake’s to understand why he chose her over her beautiful daughter Ava. She was ready to make a scene by whatever means necessary.

Disheartened, Patricia warned her against continuing down this path because it would lead to regret, but she didn’t care. Luckily, on the day that Jake returned with Ria, Yvonne and Ava were away on a trip.

The moment that Patricia laid eyes on her son’s wife, her jaw dropped. She was so shocked; she had expected a stunning beauty, but Ria was a far cry from that. Getting over the shock, she welcomed them warmly. Over the next few days, she witnessed how much Jake loved her and how kind and thoughtful Ria was. She was indeed proof to never judge a book by its cover.

The day that Yvonne and Eva got back, they hurried over to Patricia’s house to welcome Jake and see his wife. They got the shock of their lives when they laid eyes on Ria. There was a few seconds of silence before Ava burst into uncontrollable laughter. Yvonne joined in, and together both of them completely embarrassed Ria.

Ria was of average height and fairly slender; unfortunately, she had burn marks on the left side of her face that disfigured it and made her face unpleasant to look at. “How did such an ugly duckling like you end up with a perfect man like Jake? I can guarantee that this marriage won’t last one day. Jake will grow tired of your ugly face and come running back to me,” Ava cried out.

“How could you choose such a creep like her over me? I am beautiful, and she’s so ugly,” Yvonne was supportive of her daughter too. Having had enough of their silly talks, Patricia asked the annoying mother and daughter to leave her house and never return.

After they left, she went to Ria’s side and spoke soothingly to her, “They don’t know you, dear child. Your looks don’t mean anything. You’re so beautiful inside and out. Don’t ever let the world bring you down,” she said. Ria embraced her tightly, and tears of joy streamed down her face as she expressed her immense gratitude.

It didn’t take long for everybody in their community to find out about Ria. Many people reacted like Ava and laughed at her, while other people didn’t care and got to know her as a person. Soon, it became apparent to all that Ria was a warm-hearted and good person. Children loved her, old people praised her, and many patients at the hospital wanted her to attend to them. She was a real star.

While Ria was basking in love and acceptance, Ava and her mom were thinking of ways to end Jake’s marriage

. Several antics they tried didn’t work, but they were unwilling to give up.

One day, Ava had an outburst at work and took off in her car, fuming as she drove down the road. There was a sharp curve ahead, but she didn’t slow down, and her car went careening off the hillside. She sustained a serious head injury and lost consciousness as a result of the crash.

For hours, Yvonne tried to reach her daughter, but it wasn’t going through. She had a bad feeling and asked Ava’s co-workers for help, but many of them were unwilling since they heard about how Ava threw a fit and left the office. They were used to witnessing such actions from her. They told Yvonne not to worry and that Ava would show up soon.

Ria was driving home late in the afternoon when she spotted Ava’s car down the hill thanks to its reflection in her side mirror. She quickly pulled over, took out her first aid kit, and went to take a look. The car was in bad shape, and so was Ava. Her pulse was weak by the time Ria found her, and she was barely hanging on to life.

Without hesitation, Ria called for help and instead of waiting, she pulled Ava to safety and administered first aid. It wasn’t long after Ria pulled Ava out of the car that had caught fire by the time the ambulance and firefighters arrived. Ava was stable, although unconscious.

Everyone marveled at Ria’s courage and bravery. They knew how mean Ava had been to Ria and how difficult it must have been for someone her size to pull Ava, who was quite chubby, out of the car.

“What a kind-hearted woman,” Yvonne arrived at the scene later and heard how Ria saved her daughter. She burst into tears, knelt, and apologized to her. She was so sorry for how she treated her.

When Ava woke up, her reaction was the same as her mom’s. Tears filled her eyes as she profusely thanked Ria and apologized to her. She promised to turn a new leaf.

When people asked Riya how she was able to do what she did, she replied, “Many years ago, I was caught in a fire, and if someone hadn’t risked their life to save me, then I wouldn’t be here. Since I’m still here, I chose to make the world a better place.”

Everyone was touched by Ria’s words and joined hands with her to bring more good to the world. She taught them a big lesson.

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