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Rich Man Saw Poor Woman With Baby Struggling After Her Change Fell Into The Snow , He Then Surprised Her



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Rich man helped a poor woman with a baby to pick up change that had fallen into the snow.

“Greta slowly walked down the street, pushing a baby carriage in front of her. January of this year was very cold, and Greta regretted leaving her old mittens in her previous apartment in the heat of an argument.

Her one and a half-year-old son Ian cried in the stroller. The little one was hungry, and his young mother didn’t even have enough money for a jar of baby food. “Hang on, my dear, hang on,” whispered Greta, trying to rock her son to sleep. “I’ll definitely come up with something.” Greta’s eyes were filled with tears. Earlier that day, she and her baby were kicked out onto the street by the owner of the apartment Greta had rented for the past couple of months.

Mrs. Gottesman suddenly raised the rental price, and when Greta asked why, she immediately began to scream and argue. “What do you think, honey? That I would keep you and your child for pennies? Prices for everything are rising, you know, there’s inflation.

It’s not profitable for me to rent to you for free.” Gracie looked at the landlady with genuine bewilderment and offense. “But you promised that we could live here with you at the same price until spring. I’ve already given you an advance payment.” Mrs. Gottesman just shrugged her shoulders. “Of course you did, that was fair. And by the way, my apartment is good. It’s only a 10-minute walk from the subway. I found tenants who offered me twice as much per month.”

“Oh, that’s it,” Greta thought to herself. “It’s all because of simple greed.” But out loud she asked, “Okay, we’ll leave, but please give us time to find another place, at least a week. Where do I go now with a baby in my arms?” Greta pleadingly looked at the landlady, but Mrs. Gottesman was inflexible. “That’s not my problem, honey. Hurry up and collect your things. And, as they say, all the best, new tenants will move in tomorrow morning.”

At first, Greta was furious about such injustice, and then she realized that it was useless to persuade Mrs. Gottesman. Therefore, having gathered her things in a shabby bag and put Ian in the stroller, the young mother left the keys in the hallway and silently left the apartment. Her mood was terrible. Most of all, Greta was upset because today was her birthday. Greta turned 25, and she was left alone on the street with a little child in her arms.

Trying to warm herself up somehow, the poor woman put her hands in the pockets of her worn-out, once fur-lined coat. There she found a few small bills and coins. Greta sighed heavily. She had three more days until she received her maternity allowance.

She hoped she could find an inexpensive hostel nearby where she could stay with her son and survive these days. It was freezing outside. Passersby looked at the crying young woman with a baby stroller in surprise but preferred not to interfere. Greta desperately wanted to eat. The poor woman had already saved up yesterday to feed Ian, and now her legs were shaking from exhaustion, and her strength could leave the young mother at any moment.

“Oh God, I hope I have enough money for bread,” Greta thought to herself, exhausted from hunger and stress. “If I don’t eat, I won’t be able to go anywhere.” Greta took out a handful of change from her pocket. She was going to count the coins, but then her hands, numb from the cold, trembled, and the coins spilled out onto the road next to the curb. Unable to say anything, Greta took a step forward, intending to pick them up again. At that moment, the pedestrian light turned red. A huge SUV speeding down the icy road almost hit the unfortunate woman. With great difficulty, the driver managed to brake and avoid disaster. The car’s bumper froze just a few centimeters from Greta’s legs.

The driver, a tall young man, jumped out of the car and slammed the door loudly. He shouted all the swear words he could think of. “What are you, crazy? Tired of living? Why are you running out into traffic on a red light?” Greta, for whom everything had happened so fast that she didn’t even have time to understand, just looked at the man in bewilderment. Then the woman shook, her eyes rolled back, and she collapsed in a faint right into a large snowdrift.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed the young man, rushing towards the woman. He lightly tapped her cheeks to bring her back to consciousness. Greta, affected by hunger, fatigue, and stress, couldn’t immediately come to her senses. Finally, the woman woke up. “Why did you scare me like that?” said the driver, lifting the woman to her feet and brushing the snow off her. Suddenly he noticed the baby carriage and realized that Greta had just been startled and hadn’t had time to react. Meanwhile, a crowd had gathered around the driver’s SUV and the woman with the baby.

Greta, who by that time had finally regained her senses, thanked the man for his help and immediately knelt down to collect the dropped change. Seeing how important it was to her, the driver decided to help. “Don’t tell me you risked your life for just these coins?” he said. “You don’t understand. These are my last money,” Greta answered shortly. “I need to eat; otherwise, I won’t be able to find a place for my son and me to stay overnight.” She looked up at her savior. The driver became embarrassed and immediately said, “I didn’t mean to offend you. Maybe you’ll agree to have dinner with me at the nearby cafe? It’s not far from here, and we’ll feed your baby too.” The driver wanted to make amends with Greta and soften his recent rude behavior towards this young woman.

“Send out in Greta’s eyes,” Ronald added. “You have nothing to fear from me. I won’t do anything bad to you. On the contrary, I’m ashamed that I didn’t understand your situation right away. You’ll catch your breath at the cafe, and we’ll see where to go from there.” Ronald tried to cheer up the stranger, realizing what state she was in. Although Greta was worried about inconveniencing the driver with her presence, she eventually agreed.

Soon, they were sitting in a cozy, charming cafe, and in front of Greta and her son was a plate of fragrant chicken soup, as well as the most delicate mashed potatoes with baked salmon and grated cheese. Despite the expensive business suit and impeccable manners, it was clear that the SUV driver was a wealthy man. Nevertheless, Ronald was very polite and courteous in communication and had the wonderful ability to immediately win over his interlocutor from the first minutes of communication.

Greta felt at ease in the presence of this young man, and as it turned out, she was right about his social status. Ronald was the son of a very wealthy and influential businessman. “And you, Greta, how did such a wonderful girl end up alone? Does Ian not have a father?” the businessman asked carefully.

Greta wanted to lie but immediately realized that Ronald was asking out of sympathy. The woman sighed and, deciding not to hide the truth, answered honestly, “He was a scoundrel and a liar. He found out that I was pregnant and immediately dumped me. He said that he didn’t want to be burdened with a child or a family. He just needs to build his career without being distracted by screaming children and dirty diapers. So he left us.”

Ronald was amazed at how cruel and heartless some men can be. The young man shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t understand how someone can abandon their family in such a way,” Ronald said quietly.

“But don’t worry, Greta. I’ll do my best to help you and Ian. I promise you won’t have to spend the night in a cheap hostel.” Greta was overwhelmed with emotion. She had never met such a compassionate and generous person before. Ronald was a real knight in shining armor for her and Ian.”

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